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with solid experience in providing a turnkey solutions in healthcare.

Why choose Us.

Our deep understanding of the regional needs gives us an edge in advising our clients on healthcare opportunities to tap into.

Our Mission.

We are dedicated to improve lives by providing high standard, comprehensive and sustainable healthcare solutions in East Africa.

What we Do.

We build or renovate, equip and supply health facilities, assist to recuite medical presonnel, build their capacity to improve patient lives.

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We offer wide range of healthcare services.

Turnkey Hospitals

Evexia Group has extensive experience in constructing, equipping and delivery of fully functioning healthcare facility from day one.

Special Unit Setup

We setup, integrate and manage special units in existing hospitals particularly radiology, dialysis, ICU, Endoscopy & Oncology.

Medical Equipments

Through our strong partnership with major manufacturers, we guarantee to deliver high quality products, technical & customer support.

Pharmaceutical Supplies

We supply and distribute a full range of clinically accredited drugs and pharmaceutical products at an affordable cost through partnership with the leading manufactures and wholesalers.

Servicing & Maintenance

We offer repair and maintenance service of medical equipments by qualified engineers who can carry out pereventive maintenance inspection, electrical safety, calibration, perfomance testing & upgrades.

Onsite Trainings

We partner with local universities and hospitals to fill the gaps in medical knowledge and skills by deploying regional or international lecturers and visiting consultants.

Fellowship Programs

Through our strong network of overseas renowned hospitals, we assist local doctors to get hands on specialized fellowships or short term observership programs.

Health Education

We support patients and families in their quest for health and well-being by offering quality health education that is informative and individualized to achieve and maintain health and safety.

Patient Support Service

We liaise between patients and international healthcare providers for advanced medical services, We also provide medical escort and repatriation to patients who are not fit to fly without supervision.

"Transforming lives through innovative medical solutions."

How to get Support?
Drop us an email detailing your needs and we will identify a consultant whose skill set matches your needs, he/she will contact you for more in-depth assessment and discussions.
Where can you find us?
Our headquarter office is in Nairobi, we also have satellite offices in Somalia & South Sudan.
I don't see the solution I need?
We have a broad range of resources and we will be happy to work with you to identify your needs and determine if we can provide the most effective solution.
How does Evexia Group charge for it's services?
Making an investment in your business should consist of a well-thought out plan. We offer variety of engagement models depending upon the specific needs and the size of your project.

Our Projects

  • Turnkey Hospitals
  • Medical Supplies
  • Training Programs
  • Patient Assistance
  • Hospital Management


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